If you haven’t heard, NGLCC is paving the way for businesses, employers, and communities to live and speak their truth while creating space for an LGBTQIA+ economy. Rhino.lgbt is a proud LGBTBE® business and this month, NGLCC hosted an event for their 20-year anniversary: NGLCC “Vegas, It’s a Vibe!

The event was hosted within the effervescent landscape of Las Vegas, Nevada and it was their first event since pre-pandemic 2019!

“NGLCC Vegas, it’s a Vibe” offered the opportunity for LGBTBE® businesses to network and connect with one another on a large scale. Rhino.lgbt was a proud sponsor of the event and one of our wonderful associates, Dominic Albanese, had the absolute pleasure of attending the event and he is here to provide you with the inside scoop!

Q: Let’s touch base on some of the basics, could you summarize the overall energy or “Vibe” of the event and how an event like this could benefit Rhino.lgbt as well as other LGBTBE® businesses in attendance?

A: She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment. The vibes were both immaculate and uplifting. The NGLCC can benefit businesses by making new connections and friends who have a similar view of themselves and how they see our future together in the community.

Q: CEO and Co-Founder of NGLCC, Chance Mitchell, once said “Business ownership thrives in the LGBT community because we have all learned to be the entrepreneurs of our own lives”. What does a statement like that mean to an LGBTBE® business like Rhino.lgbt?

A: Being part of the LGBTQ+ community really is something special. The reason being is because we can all relate to specific things in at least one way or another. To me, “we’re entrepreneurs of our own lives” means we’ve had to navigate certain situations and find our footing in this world a little differently than some others have. This makes us able to relate to other LGBTQ+ businesses on a frequency most others in our industry cannot.

Q: Rhino.lgbt was one of the many sponsors for this event! What lead to Rhino.lgbt’s sponsorship for this event with NGLCC?

A: Sponsors play a huge role in events as we attended in Las Vegas. This allows everyone to have a higher quality experience. We’re happy to sponsor the NGLCC because of the goals they’ve helped everyone achieve and the message they continue to practice.

Q: We were hearing about some fun activities during the event like “Match-Maker”. Could you further expand on this and highlight some of the biggest stand-out moments you had during this event?

A: The matchmakers’ event was great! We were able to spend some one-on-one time with other business owners, hear their stories and come up with a plan on how we can best assist one another. The NGLCC did a phenomenal job at making “work events” fun and engaging. A personal favorite was the networking event sponsored by Sony, with performers, photographers, and a DJ. To say everyone had a great time was putting it lightly.  

Q: It is amazing to hear about all the progress towards making space for the LGBTQIA+ community within the world of business. What is Rhino.lgbt’s goal towards further impacting the LGBTQIA+ community in a beneficial way?

A: We have supported LGBTQ+ businesses since we were established in 1992. Small business owners often struggle to get established, and only 1 in 3 survive over ten years. In addition, LGBTQ+ owners face further obstacles. This is why we want to offer our services to the LGBTQ+ business owner and build a network of like-minded people who may be able to benefit from what we offer!  


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