Payment Processing for LGBT-Owned Businesses


Accept Credit Card Payments at your Business

GMS offers a full selection of merchant services tailored just for your business. Accept credit card payments at your retail shop, online, or in person. Additionally, we've got you covered with all the payment tools you'll ever need to run your business. Our powerful payment solutions include Point-of-Sale equipment, mobile card readers, payment gateways, and other software integration tools.

Save Time & Money by Accepting ACH Payments

Accepting ACH transactions will help you to reduce the costs of heavy processing fees by as much as 75% compared to credit card fees.  In addition to lower fees, you will find that accepting ACH transactions will help to reduce your time spent chasing down expired or declined credit cards. For those reasons, ACH has about a 10% greater success rate than credit cards. Therefore, by accepting ACH transactions you can maximize your collection rates, reduce processing fees, and help to increase your bottom line for your business.

Use our API To Process ACH Payments

Using the GMS API, software developers can seamlessly integrate our payment platform into any existing software. Our API enables our users to process ACH & check 21 (remote deposit capture) payments in real time. Our ACH gateway enables tokenization and check verification to validate banking information upfront. With our built-in ACH reporting your users will be able to receive response codes for any successful payments or returns.

Generally speaking, our API provides all the necessary tools for your business to succeed while processing electronic payments. As a result we've taken thousands of businesses to the next level and showed them how to increase revenue while at the same time increasing their customer base.

Software Solutions Designed for your Business

GMS offers a full selection of software options that are custom tailored for your industry. Whether you need a mobile POS option to accept one-time donations for a fundraiser event or software to set up monthly membership billing, we got you covered with all the software tools that you need to run your small business. Our secure software options include member management software, virtual terminals, and other software integration tools.

  • Trust and Reliability

    • GMS has been a leader of the industry for ACH and Credit Card Payments since 1992, we are the experts!  
    • At GMS, we do not only process payments, we value providing dedicated service and individualized attention to your business. Your success is truly our success. 
    • With our knowledge in the industry, our network connections with major financial partners, and our security certifications with PCI Compliance and NACHA regulations, you can be assured that the top quality value and services are provided. 

  • Solutions Tailored to Success

    • At GMS, we get a full scope of your business needs and practices, and tailor the best solution for success. 
    • We are the experts at saving you the most money while ensuring you are with regulations and profitable. 
    • Accept ACH and Credit payments in the way that best fits your business!
      • Integrated through your website
      • In-person through our point of sale system 
      • Online through our Virtual Terminal, Client Portal, Frontdesk, File Upload, or Rhino Software. 

    • Explore Our Platforms

      1. Point-of-sale hardware
      2. Portal interface 
      3. RhinoFit Software
      4. Connect through our API 
      5. File Uploads 
      6. Web integration

    Trust in GMS for your Payment Processing

    "Rhino.LGBT is our preferred payment processing company! The are local, fabulous to work with and support many organizations and initiatives in the area. They have also helped several of our nonprofit partners with their Donor Boost program - and nonprofits can all use a boost right now."

    Rachel Covello- OutCoast Gay Travel